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Long-term investing in high return businesses

Chawton Global Investors is an independent boutique investment manager.  Our investment philosophy builds on the lessons and tenets of great historical investors Ben Graham and Warren Buffett. We seek like-minded investors so that our interests are aligned. We have an ultimate objective of delivering a growing income stream. 

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Warren Buffett's Pensions Memo

When Jeff Bezos recently purchased the Washington Post, one of the factors that surprised many was that its pension scheme had a surplus of over $1 billion. In 1975, Warren Buffett submitted a memo to the then CEO of the company, Katherine Graham on the risks of pension promises and the investment strategy that should be followed. The link below is to the full text.

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S2. Episode 3 - Profiting from the smart world

In the third episode of the Global Horizons Podcast series two, Michael Crawford, CIO Chawton Global Investors and financial journalist, David Thorpe, discuss smart cities of the future and the investment opportunities this theme presents.

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