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Our flagship product is a global equity income fund structured as a U.K. open ended investment company (OEIC) which is simple to understand, easily purchased and sold and has taxation advantages.

The global universe of quoted companies maximises our opportunity of finding the type of company we want to invest in.  Our philosophy leads us to a few companies we want to invest in for a long time.  We have the flexibility of being able to invest in small and less liquid positions as well as very large.  The type of companies we like tend to generate a lot of cash.  This enables them to fully invest in the business and take advantage of attractive new projects or acquisitions.  Even then, there will still be cash left over.  Whilst recognising that value creation is dictated by return on capital and capital allocation, a productive asset should generate an ongoing cash flow for its investors.  We want to invest in companies where this is being, or starting to be, realised.  The fund will harvest this dividend stream and distribute it to our investors.